Breast Augmentation Placement

How We’ll Choose Your Implants

Implant choice depends on so much more than size alone. A few considerations:

1. Projection vs width:

For an equivalent volume, a high-projecting implant is narrower than a moderate one. While
this projection is often mistakenly thought of as ‘cleavage enhancing’, in fact, for a given
volume, a broader implant will confer a fuller superior pole (traditional cleavage) as well as a
more prominent side cleavage (sideboob). The natural width of the chest wall must also be
factored in, and considered relative to the width of the implant.

Breast Implant Size Chart

2. Gel type:

A more dense ‘cohesive’ gel (or saline fill) is designed to be both less rippling and form stable.
This may also promote a sustainably fuller upper breast, which many, but not all patients are
looking for. A less cohesive gel may move more naturally with both gravity and compression by
the patient’s tissue (especially implants placed behind the muscle) and in turn, give more
natural results in terms of both feel and upper breast fullness.

This is why it is so important to discuss the patient’s objectives and ideal ‘look’ before
choosing both the size and shape of her implants. In my opinion, it is so important that, prior to
breast augmentation surgery, I offer (and prefer) a second consult specifically to choose the
final implant. In support of this philosophy, all consults are with ME, rather than an assistant.
Bring your ‘wish pics’!

Natural Looking Breasts

I Want My Breasts To Look Natural

‘I want to look natural’… Do you mean ‘Natural’? or ‘Naturally gifted’!?

This is a common refrain in my office! Let’s get to the bottom of what clients mean. After 10 years of shaping breasts, I have noticed the following themes come up frequently.


Full and youthful, but not fake or rounded. The ability to wear a push-up bra when chosen and have the breasts softly bounce back into a nice chest position on removing the bra, rather than unfurl(!) or plummet back to the abdomen.

Nipple position:

Facing forward or slightly up (‘stargazing’). A good amount of breast tissue is positioned above the nipple line rather than the majority below (as often occurs post-breastfeeding).

Side cleavage (‘sideboob’):

Pretty and attractive, even without a bra. A natural breast on the voluptuous side (C cup up) will project just beyond the sides of the chest wall, but it is important to avoid interfering with arm movement, particularly during exercise.


All breast shapes and volumes should be planned and evaluated in the context of the overall body frame, which includes height, waist, hips and chest width. Not only more natural looking, this will also help with buying clothes and bras.

Despite these common themes, every patient has a slightly different perspective and body. This is why breast implants and/ or breast lifts and even reductions benefit from a full consult, including sizing, with a surgeon who listens. After all, if you were planning a kitchen, anyone can choose to buy furniture online, but the best results have a bespoke designer evaluate your home.

Dr. Bovill Family Christmas

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