Ozempic And Plastic Surgery

Empowering Transformations: The Synergy of Plastic Surgery and GLP-1 RAs (Ozempic)

Introduction: More so even than bariatric assisted weight loss, the emergence of GLP-1 RAs (e.g.
Ozempic) as a new paradigm in diabetes and weight management has already impacted my
clinical demographic. Both plastic surgery and GLP are powerful catalysts for personal
transformation. A closer look reveals an inevitable interplay between the two, both with potential
to empower individuals to embrace a healthier and more confident version of themselves. …

Breast Augmentation Placement

How We’ll Choose Your Implants

Implant choice depends on so much more than size alone. A few considerations:

1. Projection vs width:

For an equivalent volume, a high-projecting implant is narrower than a moderate one. While
this projection is often mistakenly thought of as ‘cleavage enhancing’, in fact, for a given
volume, a broader implant will confer a fuller superior pole (traditional cleavage) as well as a
more prominent side cleavage (sideboob). The natural width of the chest wall must also be
factored in, and considered relative to the width of the implant. …

Dr. Bovill Family Christmas

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