Dr Bovill's Reviews


Thank you for taking good care of me during my hardest time. It has been a very frustrating and difficult time for my family. Thank you for being so nice, considerate, and patient to answer so many questions and to make an appointment with such short notice! We have nothing to say, but thank you to all of you!

Thank you for all your patience these two years. It has been a pleasure being your patient and words can’t describe how much you have changed my life! Thank you!

My deep appreciation to you, Dr. Bovill, for your most thorough, competent, and compassionate care for me. You are truly a beautiful person/ doctor inside and out!

Dr. Bovill — Many thanks for your care and expertise. It was a scary time, and you helped us through it.

I consider being appointed Dr Bovill as my plastic surgeon after a mastectomy, to be an absolute godsend. Right from the beginning of my journey through breast cancer, Dr Bovill answered all of my questions and was very thorough in explaining my procedure and what to expect before and after surgery. Her after care was impeccable. Physically and emotionally she kept me strong. She is honest and wont candy coat anything. Dr.Bovill helped me recently get back to physiotherapy. I have neuropathy in my left hand due to scar tissue around my brachial plexus due to radiation. My other Dr.s believed it was carpal tunnel syndrome, which I know wasn’t the case. She was able to send me to a neurologist and then physio. I have since regained feeling and mobility in my left hand and arm, thank you Dr.Bovill. I have so much gratitude for that words cant do justice to how amazing she is. We British Colombians, are so lucky to be in the hands of such a knowledgeable, caring Dr.

Dr Bovill is all around terrific – she’s the nicest person and an amazing surgeon. I’m so pleased that she performed my breast reduction surgery. She’s very caring, kind, helpful and knowledgeable. She knew exactly what I wanted and the sizing is perfect. I’m no longer in pain after almost two decades! Thank you Dr Bovill – you are phenomenal! I most definitely recommend Dr Bovill.

Dr. Bovill performed a single DIEP for me followed by breast reconstruction on the other side last April. She is extremely bright and really knows her stuff. I immediately trusted her and found her caring, on the ball and an amazing surgeon. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Dr. Bovill performed a DIEP reconstruction immediately after mastectomy in March, 2016. She is a superlative surgeon devoted to her profession. Dr. Bovill is very compassionate, with a reassuring manner who takes the time to explain the options and expected outcomes of the surgery. She is a perfectionist and you can be confident that she will take excellent care of you. She had my flap checked every hour on the hour to ensure that it would not fail. Everything that could be done was done to ensure a good outcome. I am very, very grateful to Dr. Bovill. I regret that I had to go through breast cancer, but thanks to Dr. Bovill I feel as normal as I possibly can. (if not better!). I thank her in my thoughts every day.