Following pregnancy, serious weight loss, and sometimes with aging, people can be left with excess skin, stretch marks, areas of fat excess or loss of abdominal contour. Several body contouring procedures can help address this:

  • tummy tuck ( Abdominoplasty ) – removes the apron of extra skin over the abdomen, and when indicated also includes removal of excess fat and repair of damaged abdominal muscles

Read more information about abdominoplasty from the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons

Close-up of slim woman body with flat abdomen

What People Are Saying


I thought very long and hard about having an elected abdominoplasty. I had 3 c-sections and gone on later to lose 50+ pounds. I was very sensitive about my tummy and I felt like it was quite ‘deformed’. First I saw Dr. Bovil just to talk about the procedure (to see if I was a good candidate) and to know more about the recovery. She made every effort to make me feel very comfortable and explained the procedure thoroughly - even tossed in a bit of British wit. I had interviewed other doctors and immediately felt a connection with Dr. Bovill. Her bedside manner is caring and professional and above all incredibly kind. Before and after surgery I was treated exceptionally well by her staff and the surgery centre. During follow up visits it became very clear how personally dedicated Dr. Bovil was to my recovery. I would recommend Dr. Bovil without hesitation - she has changed my body, I am incredibly happy with my new slim tummy and I will be forever grateful. But most of all - I will never forget how she made me feel and her excitement at my beautiful results. When I thanked her she was very humble and replied with "I just fixed the part that didn’t match the rest of you”.

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